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What diabetic medical treatment is covered by Medicare?

What diabetic medical treatment is covered by Medicare? Generally, Medicare Part B covers the services that may affect people who have diabetes. Part B also covers some preventive services for people who are at risk for diabetes. Part B covers services like the following: Diabetes Screenings. Prevention Programs. Self-management training. Equipment and supplies. Foot Exams and Treatment. Glaucoma Tests. Part D plans cover diabetes supplies used for injecting or inhaling insulin. Part D plans cover things like the following: Anti-diabetic drugs for maintaining blood sugar. Certain medical supplies to administer insulin. Insulin that isn’t administered with an insulin pump. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage, your deductible, copay, or coinsurance may be different or less depending on the plan you have chosen. Medicare Advantage plans may also offer additional services related to diabetes. Please check your Medicare Advantage Summary of Benefits to see if your plan provides any supplemental benefits. For more detailed information call New Chapter Insurance - your local Medicare Expert about what Medicare covers or how enrolling in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan can improve your coverage and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. We make Medicare easy !

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